Hey how do you home-brew beer?


how do u…


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Michael L

well, for a very basic set of instructions, you just boil water, malt extract, and hops then cool the mixture in a container and add yeast, then let it ferment for a couple of weeks, then bottle it. for more detailed instructions you’ll want to find a copy of the Complete Joy of Home Brewing. you’ll also want to find a home brew supply shop.

home brewing can be a lot of fun, and can be either really simple of very complex depending how far you want to get into it.

Paul G

It isnt that simple. you are going to need supplies and a decent amount of knowledge the book suggested above is decent. how to brew by john palmer is a good manual for a beginner. find a good home brew store in your area.


For a beginner I would recommend Mr. Beer homebrew kit, which just contains malt extract and a small plastic keg.

I homebrew using all-grain. Basically, for a 5 gallon batch, I just boil about 10 pounds of grain in water and place the final wort in a glass carboy.

I would visit beertools.com to learn more about the process and for recipes. Sites like northernbrewer.com or midwestbrewer.com can supply you with a wide range of kits and ingredients.

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