home brew beer Help please?


i want to start brewing my own beer but have no idea what to do how much it will cost etc.
To get my own brew going how much will i need to spend (including equipment ingredients etc)
how to do it and is it a hard process on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being most difficult) and please list why it is hard


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Mate, you don’t need yahoo answers for this one, you can find this one out for yourself, but I recommend trying it, home brew beer made with good ingredients is Better than commercial beer…


First, go to eBay and buy a copy of Papazian’s book The New Complete Joy of Home Brewing. That should set you back about $ 3 plus shipping. Read the first 40-odd pages to get the general idea. Then get an equipment kit (eBay might be good if shipping is not too high) and a large stockpot, at least 20 quarts. You’ll eventually buy more (and more and more) but that will get you started. Go to http://byo.com and click on the “resources” button to help you find a local home brew shop. The same site is handy to give you links to online suppliers too. Explain your situation to the shop-owner and get the ingredients for an all-extract ale. Follow the directions. Brew. Drink. Repeat. You will eventually work your way up to grains and lagers.

Beer is less forgiving than wine but should not cause problems if you keep everything sanitary.

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